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Practice Schedule & Location



Monday - wednesday

@ Northwest Park
5:30  PM - 7:30 PM

Director of Baseball - Angel Arroyo Sr

Angel M. Arroyo Sr. is a devout Christian, husband, father, teacher, and coach dedicated to impacting the lives of youth through sports. Angel graduated from the University of South Florida where he earned a B.S. in K – 12 Physical Education and Health, is a Nationally certified coach and certified personal trainer. He has been coaching, training and/or teaching in the Tampa Bay area for more than 10 years. Coach Angel takes pride in helping his “student-athletes” reach their goals, maximize their potential and become leaders in-and-out of school.

“Throughout history, sports have proven to be a powerful tool to help change lives… why not use sports to reach tomorrow’s leaders today?”

Pitching Instructor - Orlando Chinea

Orlando Chinea is one of the best Pitching Instructors in Baseball. With more than 30 years working with and training professional pitchers in Cuba, Japan, Latin America and the United States, Orlando Chinea has devoted his life to improving the art of pitching.  He has trained and worked with MLB First Round Pitchers such as Jose Delfin Fernandez (former Alonso High School & Miami Marlins) and Lance McCullers Jr (former Jesuit High School & currently Houston Astros).  

Orlando Chinea's extensive knowledge includes a Masters in Physical Education & Sports, as well as Rehabilitation & "Prehabilitation" Training Programs. He has helped more than 50 pitchers sign professional contracts and more than 20 pitchers earn College Scholarships. 

Angel Arroyo Sr

Angel Arroyo Sr

Directo of Baseball

Phone: 813-600-8206